In Sunday’s First Reading, we hear, “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.”

  My family recently celebrated my mother’s 75th birthday. My brother came in from Connecticut with his family, and we spent the weekend with family. On the night we celebrated my mother’s birthday, we surprised her with a video collection of birthday greetings from her friends and family. It was about 30 minutes long with old and new friends sending their love and well wishes to my mother.

In this video collection it was made very clear the kind of person that she is—Loving, accepting, generous, kind, compassionate, fun, and adventurous.  My mother truly is the person who unites our family and always is working to celebrate life and the people she loves.  She bikes, kayaks, gardens, and she also has a new pet, a Havanese Poodle puppy that has given our family a new spark, and whom we all adore.

Today I would like to reflect on the importance of mothers, who are at times, in my opinion, not appreciated enough.

For me, I always spend some time with my mother on my day off, staying at her house in Buffalo. Whether it be having a meal together, sitting and talking in her courtyard garden, taking a walk, or sharing a homily with her and asking for feedback, I always appreciate, and cherish time with my mother.

Her warmth, humility, wisdom, spirit, and kindness has attracted many friends. She, in fact, is always making friends. My mother definitely sees the best in people. She has been a model for me, and continues to be a model, of Christian living, loving others the way we are called to.

Today we can give thanks to God for our mother or mother figure in our life. Our Blessed Mother Mary is sometimes referred to as a refuge for us, spending time with a mother, is a blessed time, and something that I never take for granted.

God bless,

Fr. Ryan