Consider this… 2/28/2021

Consider this… Listening and Mercy.


It is already the Second Sunday of Lent! This weekend’s Gospel is of the Transfiguration, and the voice from the cloud concludes with ‘Listen to Him.’ How well do we listen? I’m sure we’ve heard the saying that God gave us two ears and one mouth because we are supposed to listen twice as much as we talk. Are we?

With so much noise and distraction in the world our ability to listen to Jesus can often be overpowered by so many other things. How often do we appreciate and relish silence? Silence is undervalued and can help us open our hearts and lives to the voice of God. What is that voice trying to tell us?

You are loved. Never forget that. The world with its noise and distractions will constantly say we are not good enough, we need more, or that we need love from things. In the silence, we learn that we are loved just as we are.

You deserve mercy. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus wants to release us from the burdens of sin and darkness in our lives. Mercy and forgiveness are found in the quiet of reconciliation. Here the voice of Jesus’ mercy is stronger than the sins that we confess. St. Mary’s will have a Day of Mercy and Healing for Lent, on March 1 beginning with 7 am Mass concluding with 7 am Mass on Tuesday, March 2. For 24 hours our Lord will be available for Eucharistic Adoration, and for the great Sacrament of Mercy in Reconciliation. Come and listen, find love and mercy and take advantage of this great opportunity. A priest will be available for all 24 hours for confession. This will take the place of a parish Lenten penance service.

You have a purpose… Follow Me!  I’m sure you’ve heard the line ‘God doesn’t make junk.’ Every one of us has a purpose and mission. Jesus gives us that mission, to share the Good News with others. Challenge yourself this week to share with someone why your faith is important to you. Live your mission and purpose, share the love and mercy given to you with others that you encounter. Part of this includes helping others in need. This weekend we welcome Deacon Steve Schumer to St. Mary’s. Deacon Steve is the CEO of Catholic Charities and will be speaking with us about Catholic Charities and asking for our help to support this year’s Catholic Charities campaign. All of us are called to share our gifts with others. Catholic Charities allows us to do that and is a wonderful organization that provides much needed human services to many in need in Western New York. It’s important to know that your donation to Catholic Charities helps people right here in our local Western New York Community.

Please listen to Jesus, take advantage of the Day of Mercy and Healing and help those in our community who need it most by supporting this year’s Catholic Charities Campaign.

Keep Smiling,

Fr. Bryan