Confession – The Sacrament of God’s Love!

Lent is the most opportune time to go to Confession.

St. John Paul II said:  “(It) is a particularly appropriate time to awaken and form the conscience.
It is precisely at this time that the Church reminds us of the overwhelming necessity for the sacramental Confession, so that we can all live Christ’s resurrection, not only in the liturgy, but also in our own soul.”

In the Sacrament of Penance, we meet Jesus Christ. It is a meeting which is always unique and always different.
In it Jesus Christ welcomes us as the Good Shepherd. He heals our wounds; He purifies us and strengthens us.
Jesus is the center of this Sacrament.

So, do not be afraid! Come! Let us celebrate our Parish Penance Service on the 26st of March, at 7pm.
In Confession, the soul receives greater light from God, and an increased strength. It is free!? Jesus already paid great price – His life. Come, come to the source of God’s Mercy.

A Good Confession

Please do not say: “I do not need to go to Confession, because I haven’t broken any of the Commandments.”

Better asked yourself in the silence of your heart: have I kept the Commandments?’
What do I mean?
Have you honored God’s Holy Name?
Have you kept holy the Lord’s Day?
Have you loved and honored your parents?
Have you sought to preserve and defend life, from conception to natural dead?
When was the last time you told your wife/husband that you loved her/him?
Have you shared your goods with the poor?
Have you defended the good name of anyone?
When last did you put yourself out to help a neighbor?

This is the right direction, to do a good examination of our own conscience.

-Fr. Andrew

Parish Penance Service is Monday, March 26 at 7 p.m. in church.