Celebrating the Mass (00) Mass Facts

Check your knowledge of basic facts about the Mass using the slides below. This is not a quiz. There is no score. These facts will help you to see how your understanding of the Mass improves as your complete the episodes in the study. Think of this as a set of flash cards.

Click on the image below to bring up a question (in black) first and click again to see the answer (in red). There are a total of 38 slides (36 with facts). If you know the answers you will find that you can quickly run through the slides. At the bottom of the slide you will see the number of the slide you are viewing. If you do not have time to review all the facts, you can note the number of slide you ended at and start with that slide the next time.

There is also a box like character at the bottom of the slide which you can click to maximize the slide for viewing on your device.