Catholicism – Episode 10

Episode 10
World Without End
The Last Things

Although there is much to be gained in simply viewing the video for the series and participating in the group discussion, you may want to take your learning to a deeper level by using the resources provided below.

Below are a summary of the episode and links to a number of resources you may find helpful in preparing for this session and our group discussion.


EPISODE 10–World Without End–The Last ThingsExplore the Church’s conviction that life here and now is preparation for an extraordinary world that is yet to come – a supernatural destiny. Bishop Barron presents the Catholic vision of death, judgment, heaven, hell and purgatory as he journeys to Florence, Ireland and Rome. The vision of the Church sees beyond this world and invites us to consider a world without end. Bishop Barron shows how this vision is supported by the mystery and truth of the Resurrection of Jesus.

SCRIPTURE TO READ (Click on links below to read)

CATECHISM TO READ (Click on links below to read)

Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Judgment CCC 1020-1060
Angels CCC 328-414

  1. How can you explain to someone that “God is Love” and “hell exists” are not contradictory statements?
  2. We are all given the choice to follow Jesus with our entire lives or not. What do you have to lose by saying “yes” to him? What do you have to gain?


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