Catholicism – Episode 08

Episode 8
A Vast Company Of Witnesses
The Communion Of Saints

Although there is much to be gained in simply viewing the video for the series and participating in the group discussion, you may want to take your learning to a deeper level by using the resources provided below.

Below are a summary of the episode and links to a number of resources you may find helpful in preparing for this session and our group discussion.


EPISODE 8–A Vast Company Of Witnesses–The Communion Of SaintsThe story of the Church is told in the examples of those men and women who dedicated their lives to knowing and serving Jesus Christ. The Catholic Faith is made visible in real human lives. Bishop Barron gives consideration to some of the Church’s greatest heroes, and demonstrates how their extraordinary examples display both the passion and creative potential of the Catholic Church. Highlighting Katharine Drexel, Therese of Lisieux, Edith Stein, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Bishop Barron tells the story of the Church as a vast company of witness who are called by Christ to be a Communion of Saints.

SCRIPTURE TO READ (Click on links below to read)

CATECHISM TO READ (Click on links below to read)

Sainthood CCC 828
The Virtues CCC 1804-1829
  1. What changes could you make in your daily life to bring the “Little Way” more into focus? What habits and routines of mind and spirit could you develop to live out your vocation as love in every encounter during the day?
  2. We often think that the point of life is to “get something out of it”. How does the sacrifice we offer to God in the Mass differ from this attitude?


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