Catholicism – Episode 06

Episode 6
A Body Both Suffering And Glorious
The Mystical Union of Christ and The Church

Although there is much to be gained in simply viewing the video for the series and participating in the group discussion, you may want to take your learning to a deeper level by using the resources provided below.

Below are a summary of the episode and links to a number of resources you may find helpful in preparing for this session and our group discussion.


EPISODE 6–A Body Both Suffering And Glorious–The Mystical Union of Christ and The ChurchClearly answering the question, “What is the Church?” Bishop Barron presents the reality of the Church as “one, holy, catholic and apostolic.” The Body of Christ can be seen on earth from the Church’s center in Rome to the cities of New York, Sao Paolo, Manila, Namugongo and Uganda, while still escaping total understanding as the mystical union between Christ and his Church. Bishop Barron also explores the Catholic conviction that the life and presence of Christ continues to embrace humanity in all its joys and sorrows through the presence of the Church.

SCRIPTURE TO READ (Click on links below to read)
CATECHISM TO READ (Click on links below to read)

The Church’s identity and mission CCC 751-780
The first mark of the Church CCC 811-822
The last three marks of the Church CCC 823-870

  1. What do you see happening in the Church around the world that reminds you of what Bishop Barron says the Church is for?
  2. We are all a part of the Body of Christ, called to love and serve in Jesus’ name. How can you discern (figure out) how you are supposed to do that every day?


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