Catholicism – Episode 04

Episode 4
Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast
Mary, The Mother of God

Although there is much to be gained in simply viewing the video for the series and participating in the group discussion, you may want to take your learning to a deeper level by using the resources provided below.
Below are a summary of the episode and links to a number of resources you may find helpful in preparing for this session and our group discussion.
EPISODE 4–Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast–Mary, The Mother of GodIn this episode, Bishop Barron masterfully correlates the Catholic Faith’s testimony to the revelation of God in Christ with the vivid practices of reverence offered to his Mother. Mary is explained as “an on-going presence, an actor in the life of the Church.” Bishop Barron journeys to the humble remains of Mary’s house in Nazareth, to the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus and to the great Marian shrines of Lourdes and Guadalupe to explain the Church’s teachings about Mary as the Mother of God, the Immaculate Conception and the dogma of the Assumption.
SCRIPTURE TO READ (Click on links below to read)
CATECHISM TO READ (Click on links below to read)

Annunciation, Immaculate Conception CCC 484-511
Assumption, Mary as the Mother of the Church CCC 963-975

  1. God came to Mary with love and respect for her freedom and dignity, and Mary responded to God by saying “yes” with her whole self and her whole life. How can you be more alert to what God is asking of you? What habits, practices, and attitudes might help you to listen more closely and have the strength and courage to say “yes”?
  2. Think about the words of the Hail Mary. Pray them slowly and carefully, and connect them to the images and ideas from the episode. Record your thoughts.


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