Catholicism – Episode 03

Episode 3
That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought
The Ineffable Mystery of God

Although there is much to be gained in simply viewing the video for the series and participating in the group discussion, you may want to take your learning to a deeper level by using the resources provided below.
Below are a summary of the episode and links to a number of resources you may find helpful in preparing for this session and our group discussion.
EPISODE 3That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought–The Ineffable Mystery of God: Bishop Barron considers St. Anselm’s description of God as “that than which nothing greater can be thought,” and goes on to explain St. Thomas Aquinas’ arguments which support the claim that God truly exists. He also speaks from the Catholic tradition about the nature of God and the challenging question of evil and the existence of God. To provide a vision of the ineffable majesty and mystery of God, Bishop Barron invites us to the heights of the Sinai desert and makes his way to mysterious Istanbul, walks the glittering streets of Paris and then captivates the viewer with the glories of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.
SCRIPTURE TO READ (Click on links below to read)
CATECHISM TO READ (Click on links below to read)

God’s identity revealed to Moses CCC 203-208
God as being CCC 213
Ways for Coming to Know God CCC 31-34
The Provident Creator CCC 293-308
The Problem of Evil CCC 309-314
The Trinity CCC 232-237

  1. Think about who God is. Think about who you are as one of God’s creatures living in his creation. What do those thoughts tell you about the kind of choices and attitudes that will bring you the most joy every day?
  2. God is love, revealed in creation, revealed as the Trinity. What does this tell you about who you are and why you, and every other person on earth, are here?


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