Bishop Fisher of Buffalo with ST. Mary School Swormville Class of 2024 students

Timothy Uhl, Ph.D., Secretary of Education for the Diocese of Buffalo, made the following comments about the letter:

“It is significant that Bishop Fisher has penned a pastoral letter – only his second since becoming the bishop of Buffalo – on Catholic education. As he points out, many of our current schools are enduring through challenging times, but he aptly points out that Catholic schools have a “special importance” among our ministries, and we all share a responsibility to see them succeed. The mission of Catholic schools (to provide Christian disciples) is especially important now."

“Bishop Fisher rightfully calls us all to a “sense of communal obligation and the shared commitment to invigorate the learning process with faith that we must somehow revive and reclaim.” He calls for a “collective determination” among us all to revive and preserve our rich history of Catholic schools. It is, after all, up to us all to support this special ministry. I echo Bishop Fisher by saying that we owe it to our children.”

The Bishop's pastoral letter is reproduced below or you can use this link to read the letter:  Bishop Michael Fisher - Pastoral Letter on Education 9-2023