Smiling student with 5 adults

Congratulations to Stanislav (Stas) Ryskin, SMS Class of 2023, for being awarded the annual St. Thomas More Scholarship based on his essay identifying someone that he considers to be a modern St. Thomas More* who has made a sacrifice to follow his or her faith. Essays were read (anonymously) by a panel of nine lawyers from the St. Thomas More Guild of WNY. 

Stas was honored at the annual luncheon with Bishop Fisher where the St. Thomas More Guild awarded him a  scholarship award of $1,500.00 from the Guild to be used toward his tuition at Canisius High School.

Mr. Sean Polen, St. Mary's Music/Drama Teacher, was in attendance and shared, “It was remarkable, not only how impressive it was to see Stas honored, but to hear so many professionals talk about what a prodigious writer he was, and how he should be grateful to his teachers for helping to cultivate his skills”.

*St. Thomas More gave up his life rather than abandon his Catholic faith. He was a lawyer, an important government official, a loving husband and father, a brilliant scholar and writer. When the king ordered him to do something that he knew was wrong, he refused and was put to death. 

As stated on their website: The St. Thomas More Guild of Western New York is an association of Catholic lawyers officially recognized by the Diocese of Buffalo.