front of St. Mary's church

Dear St. Mary’s Families, 

We appreciate the outreach and feedback so many of you have provided since this weekend's announcement about Fr. Luke’s departure and the appointment of a new team of priests assigned to our Family of Parishes.  We understand that many people have questions about the changes and would like more information.  We would, too.  To that end, representation from the Parish Council, Parish Finance Council, School Board, and Home School Association met Tuesday night with Fr. Bryan and Deacon Rick.  We discussed the changes, the impact they have on our community, and next steps for our parish and school.  The conversation with Fr. Bryan and Deacon Rick was positive and insightful and St. Mary's will be blessed to have Fr. Tom and his team of parochial vicars.  Many of the specifics of the changes as they relate to our parish, our school, and the roles of the new team of priests here will not be known right away, as they will be rolled out in a timeline fashion as the new team of priests confirms their implementation plans with our Family of Parishes. So, while we don’t have all of the answers yet, we plan to meet again in the coming weeks to discuss and develop internal communication plans to help provide you with answers to questions about the changes, how they came about, and where we will go as a community next and when. 

St. Mary's has a tradition of being, and continues to be, a strong faith community.  We are not in this alone, God is walking with us and is leading us, and we are going to be ok. We appreciate your continued commitment to our parish and school community and look forward to sharing more with you soon.  

God Bless, 

St. Mary’s Parish Council, St. Mary's Parish Finance Council, St. Mary’s School Board, and St. Mary’s Home School Association