St. Mary’s Parish Council

The Parish Council of St. Mary Swormville is an advisory body that acts as a servant of God and the parish in the work we do and the decisions we make. We strive to use the gifts of the community together with the gifts of the Pastor to ensure we are accomplishing the mission statement of the parish which is, Living Christ, Embracing Community, Serving the People of God and Celebrating Tradition.

We act as liaisons to parish ministries as well as working in focus areas such as communication, faith sharing and volunteering/engagement.

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of each month September – June

Parish Council Nomination Process and Nomination Submission

Fr. Bryan Zielenieski
Parish Administrator

Fr. Luke Uebler
Parochial Vicar

Fr. Ryan Keating
Parochial Vicar

Dr. Stanley Zak

Tony Pridgeon

Paula Gedeon

Dan Herberger

Eileen Nahigian


Stephanie Bobbett

Bob Buerger

Carol Costello

Phil Culliton

Tom Cumbo

Jane Stoddard Elliott

Mary Kay Fowler

Claude Imagna


Sheila Kahrimanian

Julie O’ Malley

Frank Masi

Tim Nettina/ Youth Representative

Annette Pfentner

Connor Rosenecker

Diana Trusello