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Pastor’s Corner


A Message from Fr. Yetter

With summer almost here, we are preparing for our annual picnic which was stared by the farmers here about 1850 and was held each year, except during the middle of WWII.  Picnic weekend is always a great time for new parishioners to become acquainted with the parish, to meet new people and volunteer. Help is needed on Friday during the 5K Chowder Chase, Saturday to cut vegetable for chowder or on Sunday during the picnic.  Click on this link for picnic information: 2018 Picnic.

We have a long history here at St. Mary’s of almost 170 years since our official founding in 1849. Unofficially we began under the direction of missionary priest Father John Neumann in 1836. We are one of the few parishes in the United States that can trace our heritage formally to a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. We have been blessed during these years in so many ways. We have grown from a time when Mass was celebrated in homes and barns of the area in the 1830s and 40s to our log cabin church of the 1940s. This was the parish church until our Civil War-era church was completed in 1865 when the parish had 80 families as members.

This lasted until 2010 when our new church was built and now the parish has 2,700 registered households and over 7,000 people who make up St. Mary’s parish. Even though we have grown so much, we still strive to be a warm and welcoming community. 

Some of our Family Faith Formation programs begin during the summer, so if you don’t have a child in our school and you have children in grades K-10 please contact our faith formation office so they can assist you with arrangements and explain about our program.

August 15 the feast of the Assumption of Mary and we hope again to have our annual outdoor Mass to celebrate. Please review other sections of the website to get acquainted. You can also find us on Facebook at StMarySworm  and on Twitter at  StMarySV.  May God bless you and their families.

–Fr. Yetter




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