A Reflection on The Book of Acts

Have you ever worried about how the struggles you face in life will turn out?  Have you ever wondered if your efforts and sacrifices will make a difference in the world?  I think we all feel this way at some time (or even many times) in our lives.

So, where can we turn for comfort and wisdom to serve as our guide?  I encourage you to read the Book of Acts….Don’t worry its actually a quick “read!” It’s an amazing story about the beginning of our Church and the many struggles faced by the Apostles and Disciples of Jesus to make His teachings come alive in a very sinful world.

What you will find is a true story about ordinary sinful people like ourselves, who faced incredible hardships yet valiantly fought on.  What they accomplished seems miraculous today, but at the time I think they may have had many of the same questions and fears we all have.  The only difference is we have the great blessing to know how THEIR story ends.

The Book of Acts can help calm our fears and strengthen our faith because we are reminded that we do not face our struggles alone.  Just as was true for the Apostles and Disciples, we are guided and protected by the Holy Spirit- as Jesus promised.  Even in our darkest moments, we are never alone- as Jesus promised.

So, go ahead- pick up that dusty Bible you decorate your bookshelf with or use the internet to find an on-line version of this amazing story.  Please give yourself this wonderful gift.  You may be surprised at the peace you will find in Jesus’ promise for your life.

-Deacon Paul Snyder III