On August 15th, The Blue Army at St. Mary’s is calling upon EVERYONE in the parish to pray the rosary on The Feast of the Assumption, to Mary, Our Patroness, in thanksgiving for all the gifts that have been bestowed upon our parish community and in petition for a new pastor.   In the past we have held a day-long “Perpetual Rosary Prayer Service”.  This is not feasible this year in the attempt to keep everyone safe- so instead we are asking everyone to pray the Rosary from their home!

Haven’t prayed the rosary in years?   That’s okay!   Dig the beads out of your dresser drawer, pick them up and do something amazing for your parish community that only you can do!  Should you need a rosary there is a basket in the gathering space of church by the priest’s room.

A simple online search of “How to pray The Rosary” will give you any guidance you need, but a great website is:  https://dynamiccatholic.com/rosary/how-to-pray-the-rosary.  Pray as a Family- The Rosary takes 15-20 minutes to pray- less than an average TV program, but has the power to change the world!  Let us all come together and ask Mary to change our little part of this world for the better, by providing spiritual support for each other, our parish community and a New Pastor!


“You shall obtain all you ask of Me by the recitation of the Rosary.”
-Our Lady to Blessed Alan de La Roche


When you pray the Rosary please include the following prayer, written by a parishioner, for a new pastor:


Prayer for a Pastor 


Heavenly Father, we join together in prayer; our parish has been through so much. We find ourselves, once again, without an earthly shepherd to lead this flock. Shower us with your Divine Mercy. In the model of some of your most faithful and fearless priests: We humbly ask that our new pastor be a good man, a holy man, and a faithful priest; that he have a great love for You Father, and Your Holy Church; that he gain a genuine love for those whom he will shepherd. Send us a priest with a true pastoral heart; may he be faithful to the teachings of the Church; may he be faithful to and show reverence to the Sacred liturgy, the Holy Scriptures, our Sacred Tradition and the Sacraments; that he show sincere love and reverence of the Holy Eucharist. Lord, may the priest you select have no fear of preaching truth. May he be a humble and faithful servant.

Queen Mary of the Assumption, our parish is under your patronage. We implore your intercession regarding the selection of a pastor to shepherd this flock.