2020 -2021 Parish Council Nominations

Parish Council By-Laws provide for up to 20 members: 12 selected from the parish, 5 ex-officio (Pastor, Parochial Vicar, St. Mary’s Elementary School Principal, Director of Religious Education and the Parish Business Manager) and 3 appointed by the Pastor. The appointed members serve for a one-year term. The selected members serve for a three-year term. Of the 12 selected members, four are selected each year.

Selections are made, with the help of the Holy Spirit.   Please think and pray about  nominating yourself or any of your fellow parishioners to this ministry. You may nominate more than one person. We are looking for a balanced representation from within our parish that reflects all age groups, interests and backgrounds. Please consider those who are concerned for the good of the whole parish, those who actively participate in parish life, those whose life experiences or particular area of expertise would be valuable in an advisory capacity to the Council and Pastor, and those who work well with others. Those nominated will be contacted and invited to a meeting (to be announced) to learn more about the Council before deciding whether or not to remain a nominee.
Parish Council Nomination Ballot—Please indicate below the name of a St. Mary’s parishioner whom you believe possesses the qualities that are necessary for this ministry. Return by June 10th to the side slot of the rectory door or by email including this information to : rectory@stmaryswormville.org

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