2019 Altar Server of the Year

We’d like to introduce you to Nic Grebenok, one of our younger parishioners who was just awarded 2019 Altar Server of the Year in a ceremony at St. Joseph’s Cathedral for all parishes to recognize and award this gift of serving Jesus and His Church.

Nic is usually seen serving at 7:30 a.m. Mass, regardless of his busy student schedule.

Nic’s family is also very involved in giving back to St. Mary’s. They have been parishioners here for over 21 years after moving to Buffalo from Arizona. They visited many churches in the area and felt called to St. Mary’s. The philosopy of this family- “stay engaged and serve together.”

We spent a few minutes getting to know Nic and why he feels called to serve. We found out that we have an amazing young parishioner who is pretty engaged in our parish and community. We are sure you will continue to hear Nic’s name in the future as he has continued plans to serve his Church.

Nic, how long have you been serving at St. Mary’s?  

I started serving in 4th grade.

Why do you feel called to serve and continue serving on the Altar?  

Well, my sister did it first. When I was younger it helped me to concentrate on the Mass. I see that the priests need help and I wanted to help them. I love serving, it makes me feel good. Today, I’m on school vacation and I’m looking forward to serving Mass this morning.

How long do you plan on serving? 

At least until I head off to college.

Are you involved in other ministries here at St. Mary’s or elsewhere?

Yes, I help Tom O’ Brien and Mrs. Eggleston on Risen Retreat Crew that prepares kids for Confirmation.

What else do you outside of school?

I play JV Baseball, travel baseball, piano, and I play a euphonium!

Wow Nic,that quite a list! What’s a euphonium? 

It’s a small tuba.

Your mom said you have been playing piano since you were 5 years old. Do you still play frequently? 

I have to continue to practice because I give holiday concerts. I go to local nursing homes and play piano for the holidays. I play for the residents of SOSF- St. Mary of the Angels, Amberleigh, and Greenfields.

You are doing great things to show love of your Church and love of neighbor Nic. What do you think is next on your plate when you head off to college?

I would like to be a Eucharistic Minister like my mom!


Nick, we at St. Mary’s are certainly very appreciative of all that you do to help our parish! Thank you sincerely for recognizing that you are the future of the Church and it’s important to serve God, His Church, and show love to others.